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“Cezanne did not preconceive his work, but rather let the painting-in-progress tell him what it needed.” - Robert Genn

I would consider myself a forward-thinking multidisciplinary Graphic Designer, intrigued by the endless possibilities the combination of art and technology offer. Reflecting on my past years studying Graphic Arts and Design, my artistic niche has matured, shifted and evolved tremendously in unison with myself as a person. In a rapidly expanding technological era I believe I have found my personal balance residing in the world of Animation and Moving Image.

My Interests surround the effect of aesthetically pleasing and interesting imagery throughout a range of mediums while focusing on the attention span and interest of others.

Predominately process led moving image enables me to obtain a multitude of outcomes, problem solving and obtaining new skills.


and digital software. Enabling me to conceive and produce a multitude of ideas that then change through edit- creating my own technological world I can fully immerse myself In.sculptureI am able to incorporate my fascination with visually interesting materials using an amalgamation of photography,